CryptoWallet renews Virtual Asset Provider License after new Estonian legislation

Estonia’s Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) has introduced new crypto legislation. 90% of platforms are at risk of losing their license or being forced to relocate under the new laws. Among…

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White House report says majority of cryptos have ‘no fundamental value’


Tether transfers 166m USDT from reserves to Binance 


Magic Eden launches bitcoin ordinals NFT marketplace


David Gokhshtein insists he will delete his 700k Twitter if SHIB ever reaches $0.01



What Are Crypto Airdrops and How to Get Them

From Bitcoin and Ethereum to less popular altcoins, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies to date, many of which struggle to bring mass awareness to the public and encourage adoption. And…

How to Buy DeFiChain (DFI)

Statistics show that approximately $80 billion of value is locked in decentralized finance. Despite this figure, many are still exploring the question, “What is DeFi?“ Investopedia…

How to Buy STEPN [The Ultimate Guide 2023]

How to buy STEPN (GMT) might be at the top of your priorities given the buzz around the asset in recent days. The new project is pushing the frontiers of the application of blockchain…